PDP4E: Methods and Tools for GDPR Compliance through Privacy and Data Protection Engineering

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Privacy Data Protection for Engineering

Awareness to be compliant with Privacy and Data Protection in Engineering has been sometimes a forgotten area in engineering. For many engineers privacy engineering was a term that seemed to be far from their daily work of development and implementations. During the last decade Privacy engineering has increased its presence and importance. But, after the GDPR entrance in force, last 25th May 2018, it is become essential in complex ecosystems where the engineering is a core part of the new businesses, such as smart Grid, Big Data, Connected Vehicles, Banking…


    Privacy by Design
    Privacy and data protection integrated into methods and software tools for engineer.


    GDPR: rules written to be privacy compliant.
    Guidelines and techniques for applying privacy


PDP4E Solution

PDP4E aims to widespread the creation of products, systems and services that better protect the privacy and personal data of EU citizens. By endowing software and systems engineers with methods and software tools on data protection principles applications.
The overall project objective is to widespread the creation of products, systems and services that better protect the privacy and personal data of EU citizens.

Facilitating Privacy by Design

PDP4E will integrate privacy by design and data protection activities within existent mainstream software and system engineering methods. The application of PDP4E methods and tools will ease the engineering of GDPR compliant products.

Supporting engineers with Privacy

The project will facilitate the integration of new privacy and data protection requirements, such as the GDPR, into engineers activities. To do so, PDP4E will design open-source software tools that aim to guide them in the development of more privacy aware software.

Developing Privacy engineering community

PDP4E will nurture the existent privacy engineering community and foster the creation of an Alliance for Privacy and Data Protection Engineering, particularly due to its results which will contribute to standardization activities.


Risk Management

Supporting development and legal departments in collaboration on the identification of data Risks, on its assessment and selection of technical mitigation strategies.

Engineering Requirements

Operationalization of privacy and data protection constraints, posed by standards and compliance-oriented data protection regulations, into tangible requirements.

Privacy-aware design

Providing design strategies and model-oriented annotations so that developments teams can embed privacy aspects on the architecture of new solutions.

Assurance Management

A tool for product management boards to collect evidences (from the development and operationalization phases) that showcase compliance with Data Protection Regulations and Standards.


The results applicability will be demonstrated in two innovative areas which face specific challenges on data protection issues. These pilots will allow project’ partners to both capture the user needs and validate the intermediate and final results.

Connected Vehicles

Cooperation between vehicles will be key to make autonomous vehicles a reality. But such vision comes together with compromises on the privacy of drivers. This pilot will demonstrate how these compromises are tackled from a Privacy by Design perspective.


Big Data on Smart Grid

Big Data is among the new technologies in which privacy and data protection are critical. The pilot demonstration will assess results in terms of both, smart grid and big data factors.

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