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OPEN Research Webinars

Open Collaboration in European Research Projects Join us for the next installment of Open Research Webinars on March 4 at 16:00 CET. Co-organized by OW2 and the Eclipse Foundation, the series provides a brief introduction to selected software research projects that...

CDPD 2021: PDP4E panelist

Granular of holistic approach? Enforcing privacy rights in complex ICT ecosystems ICT ecosystems are complex systems of devices, networks, backends operated and managed by multiple stakeholders.They are the backbone of infrastructures such as healthcare, smart...

PDP4E Forum Invitation

The European project PDP4E is developing model-based solutions for the engineer, in order to facilitate systems design and implementation in conformity with privacy and regulations like GDPR. This forum will showcase the modules developed and demonstrate their usage and most salient features.
An opportunity for researchers and engineers to meet and discuss the know-how on risks, requirements, design, and assurance for addressing privacy and data protection stakes.

PDP4E Liaison with ISO/PC 317 – Consumer Protection

We have some great news to share with you. During the last PC317 meeting held in Paris, it was accepted to create a liaison between PDP4E and the international standardization group ISO/PC 317. The ISO/PC 317 group is in charge of standardization efforts, including...

PDP4E at The Hague Summit on Accountability in the Digital Age

During this week, on the 6th and 7th of November, our colleague Nicolas Diaz Ferreiro (from the University of Duisburg-Essen) was invited to The Hague Summit 2019 to exchange on safeguarding the role of the internet as a tool for personal, professional, and social...

GDPR Cluster Cybersecurity month october 2020: PDP4E project results

PDP4E Interview

When Research Project teams learn Open Collaboration

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