In parallel to innovations in the regulatory arena, standardisation and certification are becoming new mechanisms to influence the behaviour and evolution of organizations and their offerings – specially on the ICT and cybersecurity sectors. To discuss about this topic, KU Leuven CiTiP organised an expert roundtable titled ‘Data, ICT services, AI,…: Standardisation and Certification as the new law of everything?’ to kick start the discussion on the current role of standards, and what is expects in the forthcoming years.

Antonio Kung co-founder of Trialog and coordinator of the PDP4E project made a presentation on Assurance for complex ecosystems . He started with an introduction on the complexity of modern ecosystems, where multiple stakeholders collaborate to offer a service, and its relation to assurance and risk management processes. He then provided a landscape of the different standardization efforts on this topic. To finish the presentation, he exemplified this challenge on the data processing underlying the C-ITS ecosystem (which includes a plethora of stakeholders in charge of on-board applications, road side systems and the establishment of a public key infrastructure operator), showing that the provision of individual data protection must be complemented with an integrated global vision.

Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) will be one use case of the H2020 PDP4E (Privacy and Data Protection for Engineering) project. PDP4E will aim at showing that its toolset can be used to address (1) the privacy engineering of one system in a C-ITS system of systems, and (2) a global risk management for the C-ITS system of systems.