PDP4E carried out its first workshop during the EclipseCon in Toulouse. With the presence of different partners of the project, the workshop leaded by the Technical and Scientific leader, Samuel Martín, presented a first vision of the project and main objectives focusing on a specific end-user, engineers. Engineers keep the protagonism in the project work through different methods and Tools that will provide a better compliance with GDPR in a more suitable way to them and their work.

The workshop and whole event in Toulouse allows PDP4E to encounter many different type of engineers and exchange with them their doubts, questions and last worries about the implementation of new regulation, as well as to introduce them the goals and work of the project. All this feedback becomes very relevant at the time to draw the first lines of requirements for the tools.

Take a look at the interview of Samuel Martín

12-14 June 2018, Toulouse (France)