The “Cooperative ITS Cyber security and Privacy (C-ITSec)” Workshop was organised as an international forum to exchange on research concerning cyber security defense techniques, recent C-ITS attacks and the latest Privacy Enhancing Technologies for C-ITS. It brought together experts from industry and academia who shared ideas and presented research results on challenging issues related to cyber security and privacy in vehicular communication.

Antonio Kung co-founder of Trialog and coordinator of the PDP4E project made a presentation on Privacy Management in Cooperative ITS ecosystem. He started with an introduction on the complexity of the underlying C-ITS ecosystem, followed by an overview on privacy standards for ecosystem management and for privacy engineering. He then provided an ecosystem vision of C-ITS consisting of several stakeholders (for instance the on-board application operator, the road side application operator or the public key infrastructure operator), showing that the provision of individual data protection impact assessment must be complemented with an integrated global vision of risk. He pointed out that organisations measures have be implemented for governance, data exchange, risk management, engineering, and citizen engagement

Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) will be one use case of the H2020 PDP4E (Privacy and Data Protection for Engineering) project. PDP4E will aim at showing that its toolset can be used to address (1) the privacy engineering of one system in a C-ITS system of systems, and (2) a global risk management for the C-ITS system of systems.